Meet Me

Hi, I’m Zach Morris. (obviously) I live in Las Vegas and I was born and raised a rock throw away in Henderson, NV. I have a beautiful wife and daughter who mean the world to me, and cheer me on in all of my crazy endeavors. Right now I’m in law school here at UNLV, and in-between studying I breathe, spend time with my family, and work on music in some way. Whether it’s building the website, writing, youtube videos, or playing it all takes precious time.

My Story

From an early age I was deeply impacted by music. I remember vividly when I was 7 years old in the car and R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” came on the radio. I was humming along and I thought, “I could sing this better than him.” I don’t hold a flame to R. Kelly, and I have no idea where that confidence came from because I spent the rest of my adolescent years very subconscious about my musical abilities and performing in front of people. Growing up I fought my parents with piano lessons, and my sister dragged me back into choir year after year. It’s not that I hated singing or playing piano, I just hadn’t found the kind of music I really enjoyed playing.

When I started high school I was very busy with multiple sports, choir, and church activities. FINALLY, my mom gave me the opportunity to stop taking piano lessons and I jumped on that train like a free spirit. Soon I started collecting sheet music for my favorite bands, and at the end of my freshman year I tried out for our choir’s talent show. I had never been so scared in my life. I shook violently and I didn’t even get through the first verse before I broke out in tears, got up, and ran out of the audition room. It wasn’t until my senior year that I built up the courage to perform singing and playing the piano in front of an audience.

During high school I secretly wrote songs, but for the most part I was too scared to show anyone. I kept them in a notebook and hid it in various places in my bedroom for no one to see. Around my senior year I began taking jazz piano and music theory lessons from a lady across town whom I have deep respect for. She had a heavy Brooklyn accent and was as blunt as a hammer. Taking lessons from her was as much an exercise of humility as it was an exercise in music. She gave me the knowledge that I needed to really improve my songwriting, and piano playing. I was blessed to have multiple mentors/instructors for voice lessons, piano, and golf who had a profound effect on me not only in their respective fields, but also on my confidence and self-worth.

Fast forward two years and I was in college studying away. I also started writing a lot of music. I bought my first guitar taught myself to play and began poorly recording myself in my bedroom. Eventually I stumbled into a friend and we started writing music together and performed as an acoustic duo around town. Soon we added a bassist and a drummer and called ourselves Fight to Win. We played around Idaho, recorded an EP we never released, and did few shows in Utah. We played together for a couple years but eventually went our separate ways as we were all married off one by one and graduated.

My Music

I had the concept in my mind to make “I Find Home” for a long time. It took 4 years to finally pursue it and make it a reality. Mostly because I was spending all my time writing songs about girls, and partially because I had no idea how to write and record a full album and everything that entails. Standing here at the tail end of it, I fully underestimated the time, effort, and planning needed to make an album and a brand. From the concept stages to post studio there is a lot of attention to detail and nuance required to make it right and it’s something that was impossible for me to grasp until I was in the process experiencing it. I knew I wanted to make this a professional endeavor so my music could be taken seriously and have the most potential to reach others. I took my time and put in my best effort reaching out to others for help when I fell short of what was required. While it’s not perfect I can truly say I put my whole heart into this album. I’m already excited to apply all the things I’ve learned into my next project. I think it’s every songwriters goal to move or inspire other people with their music. It took me awhile to see that I could have the greatest influence writing songs about my faith. I’m very proud of “I Find Home” and I hope you enjoy it!