I Want Jesus

I think every person who dreams of writing songs has an innate desire to write about personal feelings and experiences. For me, this song is about as close to home as it gets. In its simplest form, this song is a prayer. It starts out by addressing Heavenly Father and then continues on in conversation opening up to him. I wrote this at a time in my life that I more or less tried to solve my problems on my own. ***Spoiler Alert*** I couldn’t solve my problems on my own.

This song uses the analogy of being lost and needing a guide. I can walk on my own, but it doesn’t help if it’s in the wrong direction. As far as navigating goes I’m 100% helpless. At this point in my life, I was trying to do all of the navigating on my own, then most, and then some. I need God to do all of the navigating, and for me, that was very hard to come to terms with. We all need the Savior as our guide, we all need the atonement not only to redeem us, but to overcome flaws. I hope this song will connect with you on some level and bring you closer to our Heavenly Father.